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wise. The best and gentlest horses had been selected for[Pg 206] riding, and consequently the greatest amount of circus performances was with the baggage animals. The grooms had all they wished to attend to to keep the beasts under subjection, and not infrequently they came out of the contest with gashes and other blemishes on their variegated skins. But they showed great courage in contending with the vicious

brutes, and it is said of a Japanese betto that he will fearlessly attack the most ill-tempered horse in the country, and not be satisfied till he has conquered h

im. There are several populous towns between Hakone and the base of Fusiyama. Among them may be mentioned Missimi, Noomads, and Harra, none of them containing

any features of special importance after the other places our friends had seen. Consequently our party did not halt there any longer than was necessary for the or

dinary demands of the journey, but pushed on to the foot of the Holy Peak. As they approached it they met many pilgrims returning from the ascent, and their gener

al appearance of fatigue did not hold out a cheering prospect to the excursionists. But they had come with the determination to make the journey to the summit of

the mountain, and were not to be frightened at trifles. They were full of enthusiasm, for the great mountain showed more distinctly every hour as they approached

淄博瑞海米山 伊拉克

it, and its enormous and symmetrical cone was pushed far up into the sky, and literally pierced the clouds.

At times the clouds blew away; the sunlight streamed full upon the lofty mass of ever-during stone, and seemed to warm it into a tropical heat. But the snow lying unmelted in the ravines dispelled the illusion, and they knew that

they must encounter chilling winds, and perhaps biting frosts, as they ascended to the higher altitudes. A NEAR VIEW OF FUSIYAMA. A NEAR VIEW OF FUSIYAMA. There lay the great Fusiyama, the holy mountain of Japan, which[Pg 207] they had come so many thousand miles to see. In the afternoon the clouds rolled at its base, but the cone, barren as a hill in the grea

淄博瑞海米山 伊拉克

rather more

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t desert, was uncovered, and all the huge furrows of its sloping sides were distinctly to be seen. Close at hand were forests of the beautiful cedar

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of Japan, fields of waving corn, and other products of agriculture. Not far off were the waters of the bay that sweeps in from the ocean to near th

淄博瑞海米山 伊拉克

the cango coolie

e base of the famous landmark for the mariners who approach this part of the coast.

s, and frequentl

Now and then the wind brought to their ears the roar of[Pg 208] the breakers, as the

y made a serious

y crashed upon the rocks, or rolled along the open stretches of sandy beach. IN A S

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